Early Career Award Winner

The Early Career Award is intended to reward promising junior researchers in the field of the Psychology of Religion. It is awarded once every two years at the IAPR conference, for outstanding quality of research. Eligible for the Early Career Award are young scholars at the postdoctoral or early career academic level (holding a Ph.D. since 0 -5 years maximum). Excellence in the quality of research (as reflected in the publications) in the field of the Psychology of Religion is required.

The IAPR jury is very pleased to announce that despite fierce competition (with several worthy recipients among the nominees) the recipient of the 2017 early career award is Martin Lang.

Martin Lang is a religious scholar by training, psychologist by methodology, anthropologist by interests, and eclectic scientist at heart. His work lies at the intersection between the humanities and the cognitive and behavioral sciences, combining laboratory experiments with field studies to explore the effects of ritual on the individual and group level. He uses physiological measurements, motion capture, surveys, machine-learning algorithms, and linear and nonlinear analyses to understand the evolution and function of the basic human social act.